ContraForce Partner Program

Elevate your MSP & MSSP Business with ContraOps Partner Program

Expand your offerings and strengthen your security services with ContraForce's SecOps Service Management Platform. Utilize our hyperautomated solutions to fast-track customer onboarding, improve incident detection, management and remediation to efficiently resolve security incidents across the Microsoft Security stack.

ContraOps MSP & MSSP Program Overview

Scale Profitability
Increase the effectiveness of security programs, reduce mean time to respond, and offer increased profit margin across security services at greater scale.
Enable New MDR
and SOC Service Opportunities
With simplified configuration, implementation and incident triaging processes, less talent is required, allowing you to expand into new markets.
Optimize Systems
& Processes
Eliminate blind spots, streamline processes, automate security monitoring, and respond to incidents in a quicker more standardized way. Ultimately leading to faster deployment, increased MTTR and the best possible ROI for your services business.

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  • Sales Training and GTM Support
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  • Technician and Analyst Workflow Training

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