About Us

We Make Security
Operations Possible

A first of its kind platform that enables automated security engineering, AI-Remediation workflows, and threat response velocity at scale.

Our Vision

Unleash Your Cyber Defender Workforce with Confidence

Cyber threats are pervasive, and the shortage of defenders is real. We aim to simplify Security Operations with our SecOps Service Management, empowering defenders of all levels to effectively combat cyber threats. Our revolutionary platform is ushering in a new era of cybersecurity.

Simplify and streamline security operations
Empower any level defender to effectively stop cyber threats
Increase efficiency and agility in managing security incidents
Keep up with the ever-evolving world of cyber threats

A Message From Our CEO

“ContraForce makes protecting your customers simple. We understand the complexity that managed service providers encounter in today's ever-evolving threat environment. Our hyper-automated SecOps Service Management Platform empowers your managed service organization to provide outstanding value to clients and boost your managed services business – both now and in the future.”

Stan Golubchik
Chief Executive Officer

Our Story In Numbers


Reduced time and effort to deploy Microsoft Sentinel


Reduction of Time to Investigate and Remediate


Optimization of your  Secuity Operations costs and margin

Meet Our Team

Stan Golubchik

Chief Executive Officer

Stan Golubchik

Chief Executive Officer

Stan founded ContraForce with a single mission: to democratize cybersecurity to give the little guys an equal opportunity for cyber resiliency. As an F1 fan at heart, Stan thinks in racing analogies: growth innovation is his octane, building career opportunities is his road, and ensuring inclusive security is his drive.

Ricky Melendez

Chief Technology Officer

Ricky Melendez

Chief Technology Officer

Ricky has years of experience in threat detection and response, along with security engineering and data science. He’s passionate about defining the relationship between humans and AI (and is a firm believer that the future of tech relies on that distinction). Bonus: he plans to write the first textbook on the similarities between business management and real-time video game strategy.

Meet Our Advisors
and Board of Directors

Maurice Boissiere

Board Member

Candace Worley​

Chief Product Officer - Advisor

Diana Massaro

Chief Marketing Officer - Advisor

Leland Lockhart, PhD​

Chief Data Scientist - Advisor

Matt Alderman

VP, Product - Advisor

Chaim Mazal

Chief Security Officer - Advisor

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