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Extended Detection & Response (XDR)

Enterprise Grade Threat Detection & Response Out of the Box

Cloud / Network / Endpoint / User / Email

See incidents in real time and respond

in minutes not months.



Reduce false positives and detect threats in typical blind spots.

AI generated rules and playbooks for dynamic protection and response.


Introducing ContraForce XDR

Empower your Security Operations with improved visibility, visualized threat hunting, and automated remediation across your enterprise.

ContraForce is a threat detection and response software providing complete visibility across cloud, network, endpoints, user, and email with the ability to target and block threats in real-time.  

Automated Security Operations.

Deliver Security Outcomes. 

Built in the cloud, the ContraForce Security Engine is a AI driven architecture that automates security engineering and security analyst tasks using machine learning models. Autonomous threat detection and response with guided threat hunting enables real-time risk mitigation. 

Improved Visibility

Uncover blind spots and identify threats effectively

Improved Data

Normalizing meaningful data across varying sources

Improved Costs

Lower costs by reducing security engineering 

Secure your Data with the Power of ContraForce Security Engine

ContraForce's XDR platform allows you to keep using the tools in your environment without compromising security.

ContraForce Security Engine harnesses the cloud to provide unique security risk profiles that are generated with AI through the power of machine learning models. Your attack surface is scanned in order to match custom rule sets, playbooks, and security control integrations to your environment in less than an hour.


AI powered by the ContraForce Security Engine,

deploying security rules and playbooks automatically

so your enterprise is secured in less than an hour.

Integrated Data Sources

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ContraForce XDR


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