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Extended Detection & Response 

AI generated rules, playbooks, and policies for dynamic protection and response.




Reduce false positives and detect threats in typical blind spots.

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See incidents in real time and respond

in minutes not months.

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Cloud First XDR for Any Size Orgnization

Open XDR powered by AI-threat hunting across the enterprise. Developed to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes.

Introducing ContraForce 


Empower your Security Posture with comprehensive MITRE ATTACK coverage with ContraForce's ML/AI powered threat detection and response. ContraForce provides an industry first autonomous security engineering platform that optimizes detection rules, playbooks, and security policies without any manual labor.

ContraForce is a threat detection and response service powered by a scalable, simple, and affordable ML/AI threat detection and response platform. Providing complete threat coverage across cloud, network, endpoints, user, and applications with the ability to target and block threats in real-time.  

Automated Security Operations.

Deliver Security Outcomes. 

Built in the cloud, the ContraForce is a AI-driven architecture that automates security engineering to continuously optimize security tools in order to improve detection, response, and eliminate manual configuration.  ContraForce creates an custom mapping to MITRE ATTACK  in order to adapt to any environment and it's unique attack surface. 

Improved Visibility

Uncover blind spots and identify threats effectively

Custom Coverage

Complete threat coverage for unique environments

Reduced Costs

Lower TCO by reducing and optimizing expensive tools

AI-Powered ContraForce Platform

ContraForce's platform allows you to keep using the tools in your environment without compromising security. 

ContraForce harnesses the cloud to provide unique security risk profiles that are generated with the power of AI in order to map to evolving tactics and techniques seen specific to your environment. Your attack surface is scanned in order to match custom rule sets, playbooks, and security control integrations to your environment in less than an hour.

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ContraForce is built on a lighting fast and flexible architecture to adapt to any SIEM, SOAR, or Security Control. Security rules and playbooks are automatically optimized and deployed without having to manage SIEM or complex tools. 

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Integrated Data Sources

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