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Automate Your
Threat Hunting

Your security team deserves the freedom and simplicity ContraForce Open XDR provides to find cyber threats
before they can cause harm.

Take the guess work out of taking down threat actors

Open XDR complements your existing security tools and provides comprehensive visibility and control across your entire organization.
Improve efficacy and eradicate threats fast.

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Agnostic Data Observability

ContraForce Open XDR is vendor agnostic, seamlessly integrating data sources to normalize, correlate, and visualize threats from any vector.

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AI-Guided Response Decisions

Remove the guess work out of investigations and quickly respond to AI-driven threat hunts and automated incident responses.

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Reduce Burden, Reduce Risk

Your security team has enough on their plate as is. Remove tedious and time intensive triage actions and investigations, so your team can focus on more critical tasks.

Seamless Onboarding.
Automate Security Operations.

Add any security data source with simple pre-built data connectors. Telemetry is ingested through multi-stream correlation data pipelines that extracts meaningful threat signals.

Dynamic Response Modeling

Community sourced response actions are captured and reapplied to a recommended library to guide you through any attack.

No-code Threat Hunting

No query languages needed. An intuitive and dynamic way of threat hunting allows analyst to save time, improve efficacy, and build confidence.

Adaptive Detection Capabilities

Machine learning allows you to automatically build your own profile dataset that is custom to your attack surface. Tailored security logic is applied based on your attack vectors - not everyone else's.

Connect and protect

ContraForce's platform allows you to keep using the tools in your environment without compromising security. 

With our extensive out of the box data source integrations, connect your security just in a few clicks.

Integrated Data Sources

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