contraforce for MSP Teams

The Security Service Delivery Platform Designed  for MSPs

ContraForce’s Security Service Delivery Platform gives MSP teams everything needed to manage XDR, SIEM, and Ticketing with confidence.


Give your MSP the resources to work smarter, not harder

MSP teams are the backbone of businesses— especially when it comes to cybersecurity. With ContraForce, MSPs  are given the tools to manage SecOps efficiently, with complete confidence, and without a steep learning curve.

Simple Security Services

Implement end customers in minutes, experience unified incident management for any level technician, and gain efficiencies with AI-guided remediation plans. MSP teams of all skill sets can effectively manage SecOps.

Modular Security Services

No matter where your company is in its security journey, ContraForce empowers your MSP to manage your SecOps tools in once place without having the engineering talent in house. Elevate your XDR and SIEM service offerings.

Hyperautomated Security Services

Security Operations is complex but managing it doesn’t need to be complicated. ContraForce creates streamlined approaches to meet robust security outcomes. You’ll get all the bells and whistles, just less hassle.

Command Your Fleet

ContraForce deploys multi-tenant data connectors and security infrastructure connectors to the products you manage through API connections. View any end customer environment in seconds while staying compliant. No new agents, sensors, scripts, or infrastructure required.

Center Your Focus

ContraForce pulls endless amounts of data to a single control plane. Configure modules to begin viewing end customer data and automate unique remediation models for every environment. ContraForce provides you with the SecOps prompts and answers you need to stop pivoting portals. Stay in focus and maximze every click.

Subscribe to Detection Content

ContraForce addresses the manual detection engineering problem. Writing, deploying, and validating just a single detection rule can take hours. ContraForce generates new and dynamic detection content for every one of your customers to reduce engineering toil and keep your detection coverage across all customers current.

Snapshot the Best Remediation Flow

Create custom remediation gamebooks for your customers. Once you run a gamebook, a snapshot is generated which you can automatically link with future security incidents. Reduce your mean time to respond and remediate down to minutes.

Quick-connect with the tools you've already invested in.

MSP teams need a better way to manage security cases and incidents. ContraForce's Security Service Delivery Platform empowers teams to develop complete control and confidence in managing customer security incidents and service objectives.

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Supported Data Connectors

Sentinel One
Check Point
Azure Active Directory
Office 365
VMWare Carbon Black

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