Top 5 Security Challenges for Small to Medium Businesses

For most organizations, cybersecurity feels like a dark cloud looming over the business. With countless tools on the market, an industry filled with jargon, and an inevitable learning curve for IT teams, cybersecurity management feels less accessible despite being more critical than ever.

For both start-ups and small-to-medium businesses, building a strong security posture is necessary—despite how daunting it may feel. More than 43% of SMBs experienced a breach, and of those companies, only 14% are equipped to defend themselves.

For start-ups or other venture capital-backed organizations, a breach is one of the worst nightmares for a founder. Imagine calling your investors and explaining to them that your business suffered a data breach, then breaking the news to your early adopters or enterprise customers. Bouncing back from an attack, especially, with limited resources, is incredibly challenging (and for many, impossible).

To quote Forbes:  If you’re still in denial about the chances of your small business becoming a victim, know that 61% of all SMBs have reported at least one cyber attack during the previous year.

While this seems like a scary reality, we’re not in the business of fear-mongering. It’s imperative to know the facts, but managing security operations doesn’t need to be complicated. Platforms like ContraForce are designed specifically for SMBs and create simplified, affordable ways for organizations to manage their security efforts.

If tools like
ContraForce exist, why are SMBs still struggling to stay secure? We walk through it in our report below.

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