Construction Companies Keep Getting Breached: How Contractors Can Identify and Manage Cybersecurity Risk

The construction industry has seen revolutionary changes in the past decade due to the increased use of widespread use of emerging technologies. While the advancement in these technologies brings incredible benefits to business operations, they come with inevitable vulnerabilities.

With the increase in technology use, along with how reliant construction companies have become on them, the construction industry has become a cybercriminal's prime target. In recent years, we have seen several high-profile cyber attacks targeting major construction contractors, often causing project delays, financial extortion, and other negative effects on essential business operations.

Though the construction industry is more at risk than ever, a proactive approach to cybersecurity can avoid major breaches or other security incidents from happening. In this article, we’ll explain the major types of cyber threats targeting the construction industry, their impacts on business continuity, and how to defend against them despite the operating size of your business.

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