The Cybersecurity Solution for Managed Security Services

The secret weapon MSSPs have been searching for. ContraForce’s security operations platform gives you everything needed to build and scale Managed Detection & Response (MDR) outcomes for your customers.


Scale your Security Operations

ContraForce is a hyperautomated SOC platform that provides everything your business needs to scale, including automated security monitoring, remote access, billing, reporting, automation services, and more. With the platform's native automation and ease-of-use, you can enable your existing IT and security teams to deliver world-class security operations.

Onboard Your Customers in Minutes

Offer guided or self-service onboarding experiences for customers while saving your business time and onboard new customers in days, not months.

Reduce Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)

Streamline detection and response tuning with automated security engineering, AI-mapped response playbooks, and simple orchestrated workflows.

Manage Sentinel in True Multi-tenancy

Securely access each of your Sentinel instances with built-in data localization protections, and illuminate pockets of shadow security infrastructure.

Automated 24x7 security monitoring

IT teams can’t spend all day monitoring security logos. With automated security monitoring, ContraForce not only detects threats but verifies them, too.

One-Click Incident Response

Within the platform, teams can manage full-lifecycle security operations in a single interface, with the click of a button.

Incident Response Gamebooks

Build a collection of incident response playbooks, then execute them with the click of a button to remediate threats within minutes.

Data Integrations

ContraForce integrates seamlessly with the tools your business is already using to create a holistic, unified way to manage your security operations.

Quick-connect with the tools your customers are already using.

Managing a fragmented tech stack is a pain. ContraForce brings everything together into a holistic, unified security framework to increase visibility. You’ll see everything you need to know in one, easy-to-understand dashboard and can take actions directly from one screen (rather than from independent tools).

Additional Data Sources

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Sentinel One
Check Point
Azure Active Directory
Office 365
VMWare Carbon Black

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