ContraForce improves case management efficiency with new Datto Autotask PSA integration.

ContraForce Team - April 15, 2024 — The process of manually entering data into one system and then entering the same data into a second system is a major source of inefficiency for analysts at managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs). This issue is sometimes referred to as "swivel chair” problem as analysts turn in their chairs to switch between multiple screens, tools and windows, leading to lower productivity. 

The swivel chair issue can be eliminated with unified interfaces and data integration. To improve operations, many MSPs and MSSPs integrate their applications with a tool like Datto Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA). Autotask PSA is used as a central hub to close tickets and improve service delivery; invoice and track time more accurately; manage projects and tasks more efficiently; and delegate tasks to the appropriate analysts.

Unfortunately, many of the security tools used by MSPs and MSSPs don’t provide seamless integration with Autotask PSA. Notably, most security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools require analysts to enter data separately into Autotask PSA, duplicating their effort and slowing them down. 

Today, we are excited to announce that ContraForce has integrated with Autotask PSA to eliminate the swivel chair issue for MSPs and MSSPs using Autotask PSA and managing their clients’ security operations in Microsoft Sentinel.

A unified interface for security operations

Unlike SOAR solutions and other security tools, ContraForce uniquely allows analysts to create a “headless ticket” for Autotask PSA directly within the ContraForce Portal. As a result, analysts can centralize security operations in ContraForce so they never have to leave the ContraForce Portal. They can take immediate action from within the ContraForce Portal and resolve issues faster. For example, they can easily select cases and fields to get all the underlying ticket information they would if they were using Autotask PSA directly. 

In addition, by accessing tickets within ContraForce, analysts benefit from the additional context and actions provided by AI in the ContraForce portal. For instance, analysts are automatically provided with an incident overview, recommended actions and the associated gamebook needed to remediate issues. Detailed incident information includes a summary, affected entities, threat intel, a timeline and associated evidence.

Analysts benefit from the additional context and actions provided by AI in the ContraForce Portal.

No new workflows

Analysts' productivity is improved as they can follow the workflows in ContraForce that they would use in Autotask PSA. There is no need to remap schemas, and tickets can be created with the same fields in both applications. For example, ticket fields can include account, project, ticket type, status, priority, queue, due date and primary resource. Fields can always be customized as your unique requirements change. In addition, ticket title and descriptions are auto populated and can be further customized.

Analysts can create, edit and close tickets directly in the ContraForce Portal.

Automatic bi-directional updates

The integration is bi-directional. When an analyst creates or updates a ticket in the ContraForce Portal it is automatically updated in Autotask PSA, and vis-versa.

This latest integration with Autotask PSA is part of ongoing commitment to building a security operations platform that you can “adapt to your stack”, one that allows you to improve the ROI of your existing toolset and the processes you’ve chosen to standardize on. With innovations like our Autotask PSA integration, ContraForce allows you to continue to improve your analyst efficiency, your service levels and your profitability. 

To learn more, schedule time with one of our customer service managers or email us to meet in person at Kaseya Connect Global conference April 29 - May 2, 2024.

Release Notes Version 2.0.3:

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