Don't rage quit your day job.

Reduce the time and frustration spent on Security Operations with automated security monitoring, threat detection and response, actionable data, and more.

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Take the guesswork out of cyber threat detection

Legacy tools provide cyber teams with a series of disorganized snapshots, instead of a concise narrative. The ContraForce platform solves this through no-code security automation and enhanced detection and response capabilities.

Cybersecurity is hard, so we’ve automated it.

One Consolidated View

A unified source of prioritized alerts based on an expert alert schema give data context. Uncover and understand events and the attack path across security layers

Unified Incident Response

Rapidly narrow scope, understand the impact, identify the path to resolution and respond rapidly

Lower TCO

Reduce risk, costs, and improve operational efficiency with a centralized security stack

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use ContraForce?

ContraForce is designed to simplify effective cybersecurity. While it’s helpful to have some IT experience, cybersecurity experience is not required.

Can I install ContraForce on my own?

Yes! One of the core functionalities of ContraForce is the ability to self-service. We give you the knowledge and tools to find cyber threats on your own before they can cause material impact to your organization.

Do I need to hire a team to manage ContraForce?

Nope. ContraForce can be deployed and managed by a single individual, with little to no cyber security experience.

Do I need to have other cybersecurity tools to use ContraForce?

Nope! ContraForce provides an abstraction layer to visualize an organization’s current security operations, ContraForce also recommends additional security controls it can deploy on your behalf to increase the security of your organization.

What data does ContraForce use for the trial?

It’s up to you which data points you’d like to connect. At a minimum, we connect Office 365, which is free to integrate forever. You can also add support for: Endpoints; SaaS Applications, Identity Services, Cloud Infrastructure, and Network Devices free for up to 14 days. This provides a great way to experience ContraForce and to gain insight into the security posture of your organization.

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