Security engineering is hard, so we've automated it

Security engineering is one of the most complex and expensive units of security operations. ContraForce has developed a single platform to address the skill gap shortage and expensive consulting fees by providing a DevOps fabric that overlays your current security tools.

ContraForce provides an abstraction layer to easily integrate any security data source and create playbook response workflows. Once your data sources are connected, ContraForce orchestrates detection across many signals and automatically visualizes the attack with guided threat hunting.


Faster onboarding
Automated self-service onboarding.

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Detection efficacy
Out-of-the-box rules and playbooks.

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Simple response
A few clicks to eliminate threats.

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Plug and play
Any data source in minutes.

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Threat hunt
Made simple for any level analyst.

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Adaptive posture
AI-feedback tailors to your business.

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Simple to connect security data sources

Onboarding and integrating new security tool data sources is complex. ContraForce provides an all-in one platform that allows you to integrate any data source in just a few clicks. Taking the time to onboard new sources from days down to hours.


Defenders think in lists.
Attackers think in graphs.

A graph visualization tells you what the attacker is doing so you don't have to go searching for difficult to find indicators of compromise. Our recommended AI-sourced automated incident response playbooks guide you along the way to hunt effectively and accurately. 

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Your all-in-one security operations platform. 
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