New Product Features Help Close the Cybersecurity Access Gap

MCKINNEY, TEXAS September 15th, 2022 – ContraForce, a SaaS cybersecurity automation platform, recently announced the launch of two new features: One-Click Response and Gamebooks. The features enable IT professionals to manage full-lifecycle security operations from a single interface and with minimal friction. This capability further advances ContraForce’s mission to make cybersecurity easy, affordable, and accessible to small and mid-sized companies.

One-Click Response gives IT teams the ability to respond to security incidents with a single click. It is paired with eight playbooks that coordinate specific, highly-critical actions necessary during a security incident. The playbooks include locking out a user, resetting a user password, invalidating existing sessions, isolating endpoints, scanning endpoints, acknowledging responses, quarantining files, and blocking IP addresses. These eight playbooks, covering the most common response tactics, are available to users on a paid subscription of ContraComplete, and can be customized as needed. Full descriptions for each playbook can be found here.

Gamebooks, the second of the two new features, is a unique, proprietary feature that acts as an extension of One-Click Response. Gamebooks are composed of individual playbooks, allowing users to daisy-chain incident response playbooks for a customized remediation process.

Often, a security incident requires more than one response to remediate the issue. Playbooks are individual responses that coordinate a specific action—but now, users can add or remove playbooks to a Gamebook with the click of a button. This allows multiple responses to execute simultaneously, holistically, and quickly to resolve incidents before they become breaches.

Enabling enterprise-level cybersecurity for small and medium businesses has always been core to ContraForce’s mission of democratizing cybersecurity. One-Click Response makes it possible for everyone, independent of skill level, to meet robust security outcomes.

“Small and medium businesses are the backbone of our economy, and ContraForce believes that cybersecurity isn’t a nicety, it’s a necessity,” says Stanislav Golubchik, CEO and Co-Founder of ContraForce. “With the release of these features, we’re helping these SMBs reach enterprise-level cybersecurity by closing the knowledge gap and removing unnecessary complexity. It’s a game-changer for small business.”

About ContraForce

ContraForce is a SaaS platform that brings enterprise-scale cybersecurity to small and medium businesses. With 24/7 threat detection, actionable response plans, time-saving automation processes and more, ContraForce provides an affordable, accessible approach to cyber resiliency. You can learn more about ContraForce here.‍

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