New Feature Release: Custom Notification Preferences

ContraForce recently added a new feature to the product, ensuring that users know about an incident the moment it's detected.

Users can now set custom notification preferences within the ContraForce portal. Notifications can be sent via email for incidents of all severity levels: high, medium, low, and informational.

Within the alert email, users will see a high-level overview of the incident, including:

  • Severity level
  • Title of incident
  • Incident number
  • Description of incident

Clicking the "view incident" button will take users directly to the ContraForce portal, where they can respond to the incident and learn more about the threat.

For a demo of ContraForce, or to onboard and get started with free M365 monitoring, click here.

ContraForce is everything you need to manage cybersecurity with confidence.

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