ContraForce Reaches General Availability (GA) Status

Driven by customer demand and a gap in the cybersecurity market, ContraForce has reached general availability (GA) status.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability (GA) of ContraForce—a SaaS platform that provides a simplified approach to cybersecurity.  We have seen tremendous growth and interest after 12-months of early access in the market. With today’s release, ContraForce has the ability to bring enterprise-scale cybersecurity to small and medium businesses.  

ContraForce removes the complexity from cybersecurity by creating an automated, no-code platform designed for IT generalists (without needing robust cybersecurity experience or up-skilling). The software allows users to connect their data sources into a single dashboard view, providing full visibility into an organization’s infrastructure. With 24/7 threat detection, AI-guided response plans, time-saving automation processes and more, ContraForce turns IT operations into security operations.  

“With cybersecurity threats like ransomware continuing to rise, all businesses are now vulnerable to loss of business continuity, but not all businesses can attain sufficient cybersecurity protection,” says Ricky Melendez, ContraForce Chief Technical Officer. “This General Availability milestone is the culmination of our dedication to making enterprise-grade cybersecurity protection attainable for any business. Under-resourced IT and Cybersecurity teams now have a platform that upgrades their cybersecurity operations with the capabilities to defend their business from advancing threats.”

Along with GA, we’ve launched key product releases available for new and existing customers alike.  

Key Product Releases:

  • Freemium offering: a free-forever plan that allows users to remain connected to their Office 365 tenant, even without a premium subscription plan
  • Self-service onboarding: a streamlined process that guides users through the onboarding steps in 30 minutes or less
  • 14-day free trials: Full access to all data sources for 14 days, allowing users to experience the benefit of premium plans before purchasing
  • Knowledge Base: a documentation library for users to find key information, like how-to articles, user guides, best practices, and technical support
  • Product feedback improvement: Easy to use channels for feedback or support requests to be submitted  
  • Simplified check-out: A self-checkout and procurement operation to allow users to see simple, transparent pricing and purchase without a complicated sales process
  • Improved email notifications: Automated and user-focused email notifications for product releases, feature updates, security alerts, and more

Product updates and released notes are regularly published, and can be found here.

Click here for a free 14-day trial of the ContraForce software.

ContraForce is everything you need to manage cybersecurity with confidence.

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